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5 Features Of A Good Quoting System

Automated sheet metal quoting is based on the data present within a 3D CAD model, combined with user-inputted, non-geometric information. It cross-examines the model in order to withdraw geometric data that is applicable to sheet metal manufacturing, such as the number of bends, the thickness of the material, and the length of the cut.

With state-of-the-art technology and updated software improvements, quoting components and systems, it can aid in making it simple and effortless for jobshops to win quoting contracts and increase their acquisition margin. When searching for a sheet metal estimating software to implement within your business, your jobshop should research and take into consideration various factors and characteristics to guarantee that they are receiving a suitable system for their manufacturing obligations.

Below are five key features to look for in a good sheet metal estimating system.


  • Expandable Options

One of the leading attributes of a sheet metal estimating software is its capability to determine quotes. No matter if it is for small to medium-sized enterprises or larger, more sophisticated multi-machine operators, there are various options available to enhance a fabricator’s bottom line. 

As a jobshop grows, it may need to suddenly increase the number of quotes it produces in a day.

In order to select a valid quoting software plan, fabricators should not limit themselves. They should think of the prospective time ahead if there are anticipated areas of expansion where a more expansive plan would prove to be more compatible with the business.


  • Win Quotes With Speed

Tempus Tools’ CEO, Ivan Cooper, states that winning a customer’s first quote is crucial to business growth. “If you’re winning less than 40% of all jobs quoted for – which is standard for jobshops – an effective way to grow the business is to reduce the time it takes to produce each quote. Our data shows that the average number of line items is 5.5, and the average time per line is five minutes and 30 minutes per quote”. 

Fabricators do not have the time to spend hours creating manual quotes. A process that takes generally takes 30 minutes or more when creating quotes can be minimised to under 2 minutes. Using Tempus Tool’s ToolBox software as a front-end sales tool, an average quote of 5.5 parts takes just two minutes – that’s 15 times faster, and it’s totally repeatable every time. The more efficiently you can get a quote to a customer, the more likely you are to win the quote.


Win Quotes


  • CAD/CAM or MRP/ERP Integration

Direct integration with a CAD or CAM system can prove to be very beneficial for any fabricator. It can supply jobshops with an added need to adjust drawings for more accurate quoting.

An integrated sheet metal estimating software can incorporate countless functionality. Since not all drawings are clean and precise, direct integration allows fabricators to utilise tools with the ability to change line types or layer types, adjust exact geometries or even identify open endpoints.

Further, if your are already using a CAM/CAM or MRP/ERP system, you want your quoting software to be able to talk to your existing software to create a seamless integration.


  • Wide-Ranging File Formats

Selecting a sheet metal estimating software that has the capacity to import any type of file is a big plus. The last thing any shop wants to do is go back to the customer and state to them that the file they have supplied them with is unable to be opened, ultimately prohibiting the shop from quoting the project.

From 2D files like DXF and DWG, to 3D files like STEP, SLDPART, IPT, and IGES there are many different file formats that jobshops are expected to handle. A good quoting system should be able to import any type of file format without any issues.


  • Standardised Quoting Methods

Without the use of a quoting software, workers will have their own ways of quoting and looking at numerous metrics and parameters to calculate the costs of different jobs. This can result in discrepancies and quoting fluctuations, as well as no regulated way to track how various quotes have been handled. This can make it very hard to forecast costs and estimate profit margins.

Sheet metal estimating software should ideally be automated and standardised. Fabricators are able to get the same quote each time as the calculations, costs, markups, production metrics, and all applicable data is available for the system to quote a project properly. No matter who is using the software, it offers the jobshop peace of mind in utilising best business practices.


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