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How to set laser cutting prices that are both competitive and profitable

Laser cutting job shops can expertly produce a wide variety of useful parts – but a challenge is often how to set prices to maintain profitability and competitiveness in the market

Metal fabrication and laser cutting job shop owners have all asked themselves at one point, “how should I set my prices?”. It’s a delicate balance. Set your prices too high and customers may walk away to the competition, but set your prices too low, and you may be working too hard for little or no […]

Are secondary processes costing money or adding to your laser cutting job shop’s profit?

Powder coating is a common secondary process offered by laser cutting job shops

Secondary processes can help laser cutting job shops win customers and stand out from the competition. But if they are not costed accurately, consistently, and efficiently, these processes could end up taking away the hard-earned profit from the laser cutting jobs. If you’re costing secondary processes by having a customer service person walk down to […]

ToolBox’s new laser cutting quoting experience

After months of rigorous development and innovation, we’re thrilled to unveil the newest evolution of our quoting interface in ToolBox. We remain committed to enhancing your laser cutting quoting process. This fresh approach promises enhanced navigation, lightning-fast calculations, and a host of exciting new features. We have collected your feedback and listened to your concerns […]

Simple laser cutting quoting helps Rolleston Sheetmetal Engineering with tricky and unique jobs

Rolleston Sheetmetal Engineering owner, Frank Maat (pictured) found that ToolBox laser cutting quoting software allowed him to tread the fine line between being competitive and being profitable

Quiet achiever Frank Maat specialises in bespoke and unique metal fabrication jobs, through his business Rolleston Sheetmetal Engineering. Based in Rolleston, New Zealand (about 25km South-West of Christchurch), Frank’s company predominantly serves the agricultural community, including its suppliers and contractors, who request anything from large silos to storage boxes, to safety handrails, and everything in […]

How do you match pricing when implementing new quoting software?

Laser cutting job shops know that providing accurate and timely quotes to customers is crucial for business growth. Trying to do this manually can be tricky – and can often lead to pricing inconsistencies or errors. This is where implementing software for calculating, preparing, and sending quotes can really benefit your job shop. But how […]

How do material prices affect laser cutting jobs?

When you’re quoting for a laser cutting job, the major components that determine price are the material cost, the fixed and variable costs of your laser cutting system and the labour costs. Material costs typically represent more than 55% of the part price and, of the remainder, the machine’s fixed and variable costs represent the […]

The Undeniable Reasons Your Jobshop Needs to Use Laser Cutting Cost Estimating Software

Are you tired of manually producing quotes for each of your potential laser cutting clients? Without affordable software built specifically for your industry, the process of producing quotes can be extremely time-consuming, commanding a large portion of your daily schedule and potentially without financial reward. Worse still, these long-winded processes have the potential for human […]