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Looking For Laser Cutting Cost Estimating Software? Here’s Why You Should Choose ToolBox By Tempus Tools

Top-Class Laser Quoting

To enhance their efficiency and ensure they have more time to focus on the most important aspects of their service, many laser cutting job shops are making use of the laser cutting cost estimating software programs available in the market. By transitioning from manual quoting, these businesses have been able to offer more accurate quotes in a fraction of the time, helping them win more business and meet their production dates. 

Nevertheless, it can be difficult to choose from the many alternatives in the market that each have a variety of different features. However, your search for the best solution on the market can stop here, as ToolBox by Tempus Tools beats the opposition every time. Read on to find out more about some of the great features within ToolBox by Tempus Tools.  


Speed and Accuracy

If your job shop is looking to make the switch to a laser cutting cost estimating software solution, it’s inevitable that you’re looking to improve both the speed and accuracy of your quotes. Therefore, it makes sense to opt for the quickest system within the industry to get the most from your investment and ensure your job shop can win more of the projects that you quote for. ToolBox by Tempus Tools has been carefully developed to ensure it is among the quickest quoting programs in the industry, and this has cut quoting time down to an unbelievable 2 minutes (based on an average quote of 5.5 parts). 

The best part is, this streamlined process can be undertaken time and time again at the same efficient rate. Our intuitive job shop estimating software remembers the parts that you have previously quoted for, and uses a systematic approach to ensure consistency across quotes, regardless of the individual completing it. Consistency between quotes is integral to winning big accounts, as it ensures your clients receive the same price for each part they require every time. This helps your clients and your own job shop more accurately calculate your costs and plan for the future, making for fruitful long-term relationships with clients.

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Quick and accurate quoting every time.

24/7 Pricing and Order Placement

One of the most exciting features of the ToolBox job shop estimating software is the ability for customers to gain access to accurate pricing information and place their orders at any time of day or night without having to interact with your staff. The ToolBox Web Store is the latest feature within the ToolBox system, and it allows your customers to place their orders at times that are most convenient to them. This means your job shop can win business without even having to make contact with prospective customers. This allows you to focus more of your time on activities that generate revenue, and waste less time communicating with potential customers that simply wish to hear about your pricing strategies. 

The flexibility and immediacy of this laser cutting cost estimating software are of great importance to experienced customers, as this allows them to quickly determine whether your job shop can met their needs within their budget. By offering a transparent system that doesn’t hide additional fees and charges, you’re likely to develop a reputation for honesty and openness, helping you win more jobs in the long run. Importantly, the ToolBox quoting software also doesn’t feature any hidden charges such as a hosting fee, or charges for support and upgrades. At Tempus Tools, we pride ourselves on offering an all-in-one digital system with a transparent pricing system, and we make sure you can offer the same transparency to your customers. 


Easy PDF To CAD Conversion

All laser cutting job shop owners realise the importance of converting the PDF files you receive from customers into CAD drawings that enable you to edit and interpret all images more easily. However, this process has been too difficult for far too long, and that’s why ToolBox allows a vector PDF file to be instantly converted to a CAD file without any tracing. To reduce the time and effort required to produce accurate quotes, the pdf2quote element of ToolBox has an easily accessible pop-out window to help the user input the specific part information that they can later refer to. 

In addition to inputting information, alterations to the drawings can easily be made by individuals without any experience with CAD, and without needing a CAD software licence, freeing up your specialists to ensure you meet your obligations and satisfy your customers. By creating a laser cutting cost estimating software program that simplifies every element of the quoting process, we make sure you have one less thing to worry about when undertaking each of your projects. 


A Rules-Based and User-Friendly System

A huge benefit of the ToolBox software is that it operates on a rules-based system that allows individuals from all parts of your job shop to complete quotes, regardless of their expertise. Traditional quoting systems required authorisation and involvement of the manager, as typically they were the only individual with knowledge of pricing structures and policies. With ToolBox by Tempus Tools, you can wave goodbye to the days of continual managerial approval and maximise your efficiency, because a short introductory training program is all that’s required to get your frontline staff involved in the quoting process. This makes sure you can tend to your customers’ needs quickly and irrespective of how busy your quoting specialists are, ensuring you offer a high level of customer service in every interaction. 

Our user-friendly system makes sure your highly skilled laser cutting specialists aren’t called on to produce quotes, helping your job shop steer clear of one of the most common reasons for delays in production. You’ll never need to simulate jobs to deliver quotes again, and keeping programmers away from the quoting process helps you save money and maximise the expertise of your specialists, keeping them focused on production.

A rules-based system for greater consistency.

Streamline Your Laser Cutting Quoting Process With ToolBox by Tempus Tools

With more than a century of combined experience in the laser industry amongst our leadership team, our intimate knowledge of the industry has offered us a great understanding of both the challenges and opportunities our customers face. 

We understand that no two job shops offer an identical service, and they each have different challenges to address. This has shown us that a one size fits all approach does not work, and that’s why ToolBox has over 100 different features – all included – to suit the different needs of different job shops.

We’re passionate about designing innovative quoting solutions that help laser businesses operate as effectively and efficiently as possible through the realisation of technology. We have a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals that share a desire to deliver positive results for our clients and their customers. This has enabled us to develop the most essential tools that every single laser-cutting cost estimator should have access to.

At Tempus Tools, we offer job shops an easy-to-use digital tool kit that ensures you can quickly calculate and prepare accurate and consistent quotes. Don’t waste your valuable time spending hours manually creating quotes. Make the most of your time and instead create your quotes in under 2 minutes with ToolBox, by Tempus Tools.

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