New – ToolBox’s new quoting experience has launched!

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Calculate accurate and consistent folding prices

ToolBox provides you with a standard folding calculator, giving you and your team consistent folding pricing for plasma and laser cutting quotes.

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Get consistent accurate folding times and prices

No longer do you need to go to the press brake operator to understand how much to charge for folding in your plasma and laser cutting quotes.

Have 3D model extractions automatically identified for their fold lines

3D model sheet metal extractions with folds are automatically identified, counted and measured.

Handle folding parts in bulk

Select multiple drawings with different layer names, and designate the layer names as ‘folding’ in bulk.

Automatic identification from 3D models

Sheet metal components extracted from a 3D model into a automatically have their fold lines identified.

Fold line of a 3D model pre-extraction

Upload 2D files with fold lines

Upload up to 100 parts at once and set their layers or lines to Folding for automatic folding calculation.

Laser cutting part with folding lines for quoting

Advanced pricing algorithm made simple to use

Once your basic folding settings are saved, a folding price is calculated with some simple inputs fed into a complex algorithm.

Quote with folding part priced