New – ToolBox’s new quoting experience has launched!

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Create CAD files in seconds with Quick Part

Enter your customers’ specifications to produce clean CAD drawings for common parts, ready to quote and cut.

Select a part from the library

Customers don’t always have drawings on hand. Rather than spend time drawing from scratch, select any part from our parametric part library, from brackets and flanges to rings and shims.

Modify to specifications

Adjust dimensions with ease, modelling parts exactly as required. Even workers with no experience with AutoCAD will have a drawing in no time.

Export your part

Drawings created with Quick Part aren’t locked into ToolBox just for quoting. Once finished, files can be exported into production systems and put to use!

Select a part

The Quick Part library has dozens of standard parts readily available, allowing fabricators to work without customers providing a drawing beforehand. 

Our list includes:

Specify the parameters of the part you create with Quick Part

Modify to specifications

Enter part dimensions for a preview of how the part will look before saving.

Within the generator, generic shapes can be adjusted as needed until all measurements are completely accurate.


The new drawings made with Quick Part are added to your quote, ready for calculation.

Generate highly accurate, consistent quotes for laser cutting using ToolBox.

New Quote PDF

Export for production

Once finished, new drawings are added to your quote, ready for calculation.

Parts can also be exported as DWG or DXF files and sent into production.