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PDF to CAD converter​

Convert a vector PDF into a CAD file instantly. No tracing, no CAD package, just click on a part and extract it into your quote. 

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Need a PDF to CAD converter tool as a standalone product instead of a feature in your quoting software? Check out PDF2PARTS.

Save time and cost

Tired of wasting time manually extracting parts form PDF files? ToolBox’s PDF to CAD module lets you extract what you need in seconds and get quotes to customers faster.

No CAD required

Don’t waste your skilled staff’s time! With the PDF to CAD module, anyone on your team can extract parts for quoting, it’s that easy!

Instant part identification

PDF to CAD converter is conveniently part of ToolBox and quickly identifies the part ignoring any unnecessary information. You can scale the part, plus specify details like folding and etching too.

Easy upload

Drag and drop one or multiple PDFs with ease!

PDF part extractor screenshot - square crop

Tool options

Define line types and part information with the PDF information right in front of you.

PDF part extractor tools - square crop

Ready for quoting

Parts are added straight to your quote, prefilled with the material and quantity data pre-selected in the PDF module.


PDF to CAD only works with vector geometry embedded in the PDF -  raster images will not work.

Due to the nature of PDFs, they are not capable of producing CAD files that are accurate enough for production, but they are accurate enough for quoting.