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Unfold and quote 3D models

Identify, extract and unfold sheet-metal parts directly from 3D assemblies without a 3D software package.

Identify parts of flat material

Parts to be made from sheet metal are automatically detected and extracted from your 3D assembly upon upload, giving you the full list of components for laser cutting. 

Unfold 3D model to 2D

Take models designed in 3D packages and ready them for quoting and manufacturing by quickly unfolding into 2D. Send direct to your project to determine cutting times, material usage, and quoting.

Download 2D flat pattern

Export 2D flat patterns as DXF and DWG with cut and fold lines for use in production or other systems. Configure k-factor values for flat patterns to match your tooling (Coming soon).

Start with 3D models

Upload multiple 3D drawing files in any of over 70 different file formats, including managing parts from assemblies.


Visualize the completed product

See models rendered in 3D both individually and assembled, without the need for external 3D software. Explode all the models and measure them all to check and understand the entire model.

Identify materials and flatten

Match your material tables with the material present in the original model, and use that material k-factor to flatten folded models. Export the flat pattern as DXF or DWG with fold lines, ready for cutting and folding into a completed part.


Download extracted flat parts

Flattened 3D models can be exported as 2D DXF or DWG files for distribution to production or other systems. Save time and training to enable everyone to perform 3D functions independent of a complex 3D package for 2D production and processing needs.

New Quote PDF

Create professional quotes

Take your customer’s 3D parts and produce an accurate and consistent quote saving significant time.