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Latest ToolBox Feature

Parts Library

Part Library is an exciting new time-saving feature within ToolBox. It allows you to save parts that you’ve produced for a customer.

Part Library saves time on repeat orders and quotes, because it retains the material and process data, and allows you to drop an existing part straight into the quote, ready to calculate, based on the latest pricing.

Data stored in the Part Library includes:

  • Thumb: Thumbnail image of the part stored in the library
  • Part ID: The unique identification number given to this part
  • Part name: The Part Name of the part that is saved in the library
  • Bounds W x L: The overall size of the part saved in the library
  • Cutting Technology: The cutting technology this part was saved from when quoted/ordered
  • Material and Thickness: What material and thickness this part was saved in when last used
  • Secondary Processes: Any secondary process data applied to this part when saved will be stored here
  • Last quote: The last quote number this part was used on
  • Last Price: The last price calculated for this price in the above quote number
  • Last Quantity: The quantity this part was last quoted for that produces the above price in the above quote

Adding Parts

To add a new part to your Part Library in ToolBox:
Simply, mark a customer quote as “ordered” from the quote screen within ToolBox, this can be done via the Actions drop-down menu in the Quote screen.

Using the Part Library to quote

With the Part Library, you can import previously quoted or produced parts directly into a quote for your customer, which makes repeat quotes quicker and simpler. The simple process involves:

1. Start a quote within ToolBox and select the relevant customer.

2. Use the drop-down option next to “Add 2D Parts” and select “Add from Part Library”.

3. A new window will open displaying the customer’s Part Library. From here, you can use the search filters at the top of the window to search for the parts you want to add to the quote you are working on.

4. Next, using the “Add” column on the left of the window, enter the quantity against the parts you want to add into your quote.

5. Then, select “Add Parts to Quote” to send these items into your quote.

Parts from your Part Library will have the saved material and process data from its history, and will now be loaded into your quote ready for calculation.