You can’t change the way your customer is going to communicate with you. What you can change, however, is your behaviour and the way you communicate information back to the customer.

Published via @AMTIL Magazine and eMag, February 2021 The majority of issues that arise in a job shop can be linked to miscommunication during the very first interaction with the customers and their request for quote (RFQ). Common errors are made due to a lack of or missing information in the source drawing, correct interpretation […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Tempus Tools Brings Efficiency, Simplicity and Profitability to the Laser Cutting and Fabrication Industry

Tempus Tools brings efficiency, simplicity and profitability to the laser cutting and fabrication industry of the United States (U.S.) as it launches its revolutionary advanced quoting and Drawing Doctor™ software. Tempus Tools Inc will launch its innovative quoting and Drawing Doctor™ software in the U.S market this month. The software was developed to increase efficiency […]