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US job shop Hammers home success with attitude-first hiring

Derek Hammer, President of Hammer MetalWerks, left, and Erin Hammer, Vice President and Director of Human Resources, right, are reaping the rewards of an attitude-first hiring approach

A US-based metal fabrication job shop is taking a new approach to hiring staff, in response to skilled labor shortages, preferencing work ethic and attitude over existing skillset. Derek Hammer, President of Hammer MetalWerks, and Erin Hammer, Vice President and Director of Human Resources have found that with the right technology, you can train and […]

5 Features Of A Good Quoting System

Automated sheet metal quoting is based on the data present within a 3D CAD model, combined with user-inputted, non-geometric information. It cross-examines the model in order to withdraw geometric data that is applicable to sheet metal manufacturing, such as the number of bends, the thickness of the material, and the length of the cut. With […]

Inefficient quoting is holding back jobshop competitiveness

Industry-specific, sales-focused quoting software means you spend less and sell more Most laser, plasma, waterjet, oxy cutting, folding (and secondary processes) jobshops are using inefficient estimation methods, because they are not aware that industry-specific software exists. The lack of a streamlined and inexpensive estimating procedure may be one of the biggest roadblocks for jobshop growth, […]