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Rolleston Sheetmetal Engineering owner, Frank Maat (pictured) found that ToolBox laser cutting quoting software allowed him to tread the fine line between being competitive and being profitable

“I’m not a technology person, so at first I was apprehensive about using a software, which I worried would be too complex. But ToolBox was very intuitive and user-friendly, and I’ve been really enjoying its features.”

“I like that my laser machine operator and I can get an accurate idea of material usage, time, labour, and other relevant data for each job – and it greatly reduces the risk of human error, because ToolBox is a rules-based program.

“Additionally, the ToolBox software is easily adjustable, which allows me to tread that fine line between being competitive and being profitable.”

“The support has been truly fantastic. Tempus Tools staff have helped me with calculations on my hourly rate, and every time I have a question, they are available promptly to assist me.

“It gave me confidence that the Tempus Tools leadership team all have decades of practical experience in laser cutting, both on the job shop floor, and at management level, so they know the sorts of challenges and opportunities I face with my business.”

Frank Maat
Rolleston Sheetmetal Engineering

“Quoting customers for these highly specialised jobs was taking time and effort, and we knew there had to be a more efficient way. We discovered ToolBox, by Tempus Tools, and it ticked all the boxes for us. It was such an elegant solution.”

“ToolBox gave us an automatic quoting system with a simple interface and a good front-end solution for self-service customers. Other solutions I looked into were needlessly complex, expensive, or both.”

“ToolBox is much better than anything we’ve used before, especially for larger and more complex quotes – and I like that it handles all the folding and secondary processes automatically. It’s ideal, because we just installed a new press brake to keep up with growing demand.”

“One of the features we really enjoy is that we can get quick PDF quotes straight out to customers. The ability to directly translate 3D STEP files into a PDF quote is a game changer for the efficiency of our business.”

“The Web Store interface is great for our small-to-medium volume batch work. It means customers can use our website as a self-service e-shop for our products, saving them time, and increasing business for us.”

“And what further sets the Tempus Tools team apart is they are highly responsive to any questions or requests for support. I can reach out and discuss new features directly with the development team – and see them implemented – which is fantastic.”

Jack Swanborough
Hurstbourne Forge


“ToolBox has been one of the smoothest and most intuitive programs I’ve ever used. This meant I could implement it straight away and start quoting for orders while continuing to set up other parts of the job shop.”

“I could easily train my business partner Joe to use the software – it is well laid out, it has point-to-click functionality, and it’s clear it has been designed by professionals who know this industry inside out. Plus, the support has been outstanding.”

“Tempus Tools has built some fantastic features into their ToolBox software, and I’ve been impressed with the responsiveness of their support team. Their price-point is also highly competitive, so it was the best decision for my business.”


Steve Geroski
Red Horizon Engineering

“Previously, we were pricing laser cutting jobs using an in-house developed excel based quoting system, which the business had outgrown. Due to the volume of quotes, the process was slow and tedious. Quoting times would vary depending on the amount of work required, but we knew it was taking up too much of our time. 

ToolBox, by Tempus Tools, gave us a fuss-free and simple to navigate quoting system. Right from the beginning, we found the interface very user-friendly and setting up the system with our business requirements was straightforward.

With ToolBox in place, we have noticed most quotes take a few minutes to return to the customer, regardless of the amount of detail in the job. The speed at which we can produce quotes with ToolBox is excellent. We can deliver fast and accurate pricing, which allows us to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

We found the system to have enough flexibility to tailor to our needs, in contrast to other software we trialled, which became cumbersome with the amount of data entry required.”

Gary Cabot
Lasercut Solutions

Shug Laser Cutting logo

“I run a small laser cutting business and always struggled to find the time to do my quoting, and to quote accurately. I was looking for an affordable and time saving solution that I could implement into my busy days that wouldn’t cost me a bomb!

That’s when I discovered Tempus Tools and their ToolBox software. It represents great value for money and provides me with the quoting software I need within budget, when other companies quoted me up to US $1,000 per month!

Prior to using ToolBox I’d do all my quoting using a complex Excel spreadsheet and importing it into another quoting software. ToolBox saves me hours of time a month on my quoting and it’s very easy to use, even for someone like me that isn’t a tech geek. It enables me to accurately quote for my own parts I laser cut and take out the guesswork.

The software is amazing in that it enables me to extract multiple parts from peoples drawings they send me that have more than one item in the drawing ( part numbers, double lines, unclosed entities etc) and I can add other processes to my quotes such as welding, folding, powder coating etc.

I can definitely recommend Tempus Tools to anyone looking for a fast, affordable and easy to use quoting software with amazing customer service! I’ve also been very impressed with the ongoing support since I’ve subscribed.

I feel like they’ve got my back and I can call on them anytime should there be any issue (which I haven’t had yet). Thanks so much to the team at Tempus Tools, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!”

James Strachan
Shug Laser Cutting

UV+IR Lazer logo
“I am well impressed by the quality of service I received from Tempus Tools. Help and response were quick and reasonably priced, and overall dealings were professional and courteous. We thank Tempus Tools for the wonderful program.”

Armand Jooste
UV+IR Engineering